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Presidents Day: Presidential Games and Resources

Journey along the road to presidency with this list of games and resources. Create your own presidential campaign, practice casting your vote, and discover the presidential election process from beginning to end. 

Play: Win the White House

Simulate your own presidential campaign by:

  • Building arguments to support timely issues that are relevant to them
  • Strategically raise funds to support their campaign
  • Keeping campaign momentum through targeted media campaigns and personal appearances
  • Polling local voters to see what issues resonate

Click here to play the game!

Play: Cast Your Vote

Simulate the voting process and:

  • Learn about the importance of local elections
  • Watch candidates discuss important issues in Town Hall debates
  • Identify issues that matter to them and rate candidates' stances
  • Collect their own notes on candidates within an in-game app

Click here to play the game!

Watch: How to Become President of the USA

USAgov explains the presidential election process from beginning to end.

  • Learn the requirements to be a presidential candidate
  • Understand the steps to be elected
  • Discover the role of the Electoral College

Watch: Inventing the American Presidency

Kenneth C. Davis with TEDEd explains how the founders of the United States decided on three branches of government with a president leading the executive branch.

  • Learn the importance of this decision
  • Understand the debates and disagreements
  • Explore other forms of government considered during the creation of the United States