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Steve and Creeper Visit The Children's Museum

In preparation for the arrival of Minecraft: The Exhibition, Steve and Creeper stopped by The Children's Museum to see what it was all about. Check out their adventure at the biggest and best children's museum!

Please note: public character appearances are not part of this exhibit.

Exploring The Children's Museum

They’ve explored all around and inside our museum world…now come explore theirs!


From spawning right in front of Riad and Seymour to checking out our Water Clock, Steve and Creeper are making themselves right at home at our museum.

The Battler

Steve took his role as Battler a little too seriously in Dinosphere®. Luckily Creeper was there to keep him calm.

The Miner

Oooooo! Creeper got to show Steve all the gems he could ever want at The Museum Store.

The Chef

Bon appétit!

Chef Steve whipped up a quick meal inside Take Me There®: Greece for Creeper early this morning. Cook up some fun yourself while playing inside Minecraft: The Exhibition opening March 11! The exhibit is included with museum admission, so get your tickets today!

Locally Presented by F.A. Wilhelm Construction
Supported by OneAmerica

Minecraft: The Exhibition is organized by the Museum of Pop Culture in partnership with Mojang.