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Use Your Words to Make WAVEs

In anticipation of the addition of Malala Yousafzai's story to The Power of Children: Making a Difference®, we're challenging you to make a difference in your home, neighborhood, and around the world. This month, we're focusing on Anne Frank's story. We can follow Anne's example and use our words to make WAVEs and change the world.

Anne's story

Portrait of Anne Frank, one of the children highlighted in The Power of Children exhibit at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

Anne Frank opened the eyes of the world. While hiding in the Secret Annex with her family, she recorded her thoughts in a diary. After World War II ended, her father, Otto Frank, published what she wrote in a book called Diary of a Young Girl. Anne’s words helped the world to see Nazi Germany through the eyes of a teenage Jewish girl. Anne’s words have challenged us to make a solemn promise—never again.

Anne Frank’s story is a potent reminder that words matter. You can follow Anne's example and use your words to help change the world. Our Early Childhood Educators helped come up with a list of some ways you can use your voice to start making WAVEs. Some ideas are pretty simple. Others are a bit more of a challenge. All of them can help children use their words to make a difference.

Make a sign

Yard sign

Create yard signs that inspire and remind others to be kind, respectful, and loving to our neighbors.

Create a Code of Conduct with your family. Talk about how you will be kind, respectful, supportive, and inclusive to everyone. Write it out and put it on display in your house. Consider creating another Code of Conduct sign for your neighborhood playground.

Share kind words

Rocks painted with inspirational messages

Paint gratitude and motivational stones to leave around your community. If you don’t want to paint, consider using a permanent marker instead.

Write motivational and inspiring messages on business cards. Hand them out in your community.

Surprise others by writing encouraging messages on sticky notes and leaving them in library books.

Write it down

Hands writing with a pen.

Tell your story! Create a book and write your story inside. Celebrate the release of your book by inviting family, friends, and neighbors to your author celebration party where you’ll read your story out loud. Consider writing about one of these topics:

  • Share an obstacle you overcame
  • Talk about someone who helped you
  • Who are you thankful for? Why?

Write a letter of appreciation and thanks to your friends, family, and community helpers for all they do for you. Early learners can draw a picture and dictate the words to a grown-up or older sibling.

Take a stance by writing a letter to lawmakers about a change  you hope to see in your community. You can find their contact information at

Use your words to make WAVEs

Words have power. Children and their grown-ups can use their words to make WAVEs that will help change the world. 

We would love to see how you're using your words to make WAVEs! Tag us with #atTCM on your favorite social media platform!