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Presidents Day: The Making of a Leader

Being a leader is hard work and a lot of responsibility. Not only are there leaders in office, but there are leaders within our community that share key traits which make them a good leader. As a family, work on this activity to identify the qualities needed to be a good leader.


  1. Challenge each other to brainstorm words that describe a good leader and individually make a list qualities and traits needed to be a good leader. Keep your lists hidden until everyone is done then share your lists.

    Ask each other: What are some traits that we all think are important for a leader to have? Do we disagree on any?

  2. Search online for a picture of a leader you admire. A good leader can be anyone from the President to an older sibling to a local community figure. Make a list of two or three traits that describe what kind of leader they are.

  3. Create a leader: Print our outline below. Create the ideal leader using some of the traits from your lists. 

The Making of a Leader printout