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Location: STEMLab
Suggested Audience: Grades 6–8
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Behind the Genes (Grades 6–9)

60 Minutes 
March - May
Tuesdays (Except April 23)
9:45 a.m. | 11 a.m. | 12:15 p.m.

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Soybeans are the #2 biggest crop in Indiana, and the #1 biggest crop to experiment with in this program! Students will explore the genotype and phenotype of conventional and genetically modified soybeans through visual observation, protein testing, and DNA extraction.

Science: SEP.1, SEP.2, SEP.3, SEP.4, SEP.5, SEP.6, SEP.7, SEP.8, MS-LS1-4, MS-LS3-1, MS-LS4-4, MS-LS4-5, HS-LS1-1

Agriculture: EA-3.5, IAFNR-9.1

How to attend

Call 317-334-4000 to register for a field trip and reserve your spot in this program!