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Date: Wednesday, Dec 31, 1969
Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Location: Museum-wide
Suggested Audience: Grades K–2
Sensory Information:
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100 Days (Grades K–2)

100 Days
Grades K–2
Thursday, Jan. 26
10 a.m.–Noon 
Celebrate 100 days of school at The Children’s Museum! Use observational skills to count special objects throughout the museum. Learn about artifacts familiar to students 100 years ago and explore the number 100 through a variety of interactive experiences.
English/Language Arts: K.SL.2.1, K.SL.2.3, K.SL.3.1, 1.SL.2.1, 1.SL.2.3, 1.SL.3.1
Math: K.NS.1, K.NS.5

How to attend

Call 317-334-4000 to register.