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Location: Lilly Theater
Suggested Audience: 3+
Sensory Information: Contains Low Light Contains Bright Light Contains Loud Noises Contains a Tactile Opportunity Contains a Movement Opportunity Flashing Lights/Simulated Lightning
My Itinerary

Llouie the Llama's Winter Adventure: Lost in the Woods

Llouie the Llama wakes in a deep forest, lost and having some memory loss. With the help of the woodland creatures, he pieces memories together of his farm. During Llouie’s journey, he encounters a fox who mistreats him, and he learns how to handle a bully. By the end, Llouie has made new friends that work together to help him find his way home.  

How to attend

Free seats are available per show on a first come, first served basis. Visitors should plan to arrive in the lobby outside Lilly Theater 15 minutes before the show.