Visitor Parking

Visitor Parking

While we continue work on the Riley Children’s Health Sports Legends Experience, here are some helpful tips to find convenient parking when you visit The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis:

  • We encourage all visitors to park in our free parking garage, accessed from the left side of Illinois St. just north of 30th St. 
  • Free surface parking is available in our Water Clock Lot, which can be accessed from Illinois St. north of the parking garage entrance and exit lanes. 
  • Please refrain from parking on neighborhood streets.
  • Both the garage and Water Clock Lot have designated ADA parking spaces.

On Our Busiest Days

On very busy days, you may see museum staff directing vehicles to our overflow parking lots north of the Water Clock Lot, and occasionally even to our bus parking lot.  

Walk the Skywalk

Our parking garage is connected to the museum by the Skywalk.  All visitors can use the Skywalk to cross Illinois St., instead of having to wait to cross traffic on the busy street itself. 

Please note, pets are not permitted to be left in vehicles on museum property.

We appreciate your patience, and hope you enjoy your visit!