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Power of Children Award Winners: Vision For and From Children

Every year since 2005, The Children’s Museum has recognized incredible youth who have impacted their communities with extraordinary service. The Power of Children Awards, inspired by the Power of Children: Making a Difference exhibit, awards these winners with a partial university scholarship to IUPUI, UIndy, or Butler University along with a $2,000 grant to continue their philanthropic projects.

  • Lillian Pravda
  • Grade 12
  • Hometown: New York, NY
  • Project: Vision For and From Children

Lillian Pravda spent plenty of time in the hospital. Beginning at the age of eight, she underwent multiple surgeries to correct her vision. During that time, she learned the stories of other children in similar situations. She wanted to give back, which first started with toys and books, but turned into something much greater: Lillian was going to cure sight issues for over 27,000 children. 


Before she was even ten years old, Vision For and From Children (VFAFC) was born — a U.S. based global non-profit organization that raises money and awareness for ocular mission trips around the world. Lillian is the founder and current CEO (Chief Eyesight Optimist) of VFAFC. She works with doctors, lawyers, accountants, and volunteers of all ages who donate their time and talents. “VFAFC provides vision in both the literal and figurative senses—‘vision’ for young patients through free eye care/free eyeglasses as well as ‘vision’ for young people to be inspired further in public service,” said Lillian.

It’s truly perplexing the caliber of dedication Lillian has held in her work; sacrificing school culture and time (though excused) to travel the world to lecture to children and adults. The resources Lillian has collected, and the people who act in inspiration of her, have led to children seeing loved ones for the first time. 

“Lillian IS the core of VFAFC; a committed and passionate ‘visionary’ that executed with excellence,” said Peter Klein, mentor to Lillian and founder of PK Associates.

With her Power of Children award money, Lillian plans to keep the mobile eye clinic in motion and use other funds towards finishing the development of a major national initiative. 

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