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Blog Ambassadors Learn it's Super to be Sporty

Throughout the year we'll hear from eight bloggers as they share about their family's time in the Riley Children's Health Sports Legends Experience® and how it inspires them to explore these sports back at home. 

This post was written by Children's Museum Blog Ambassador Jeanine Bobenmoyer. Follow her posts on the blog and follow her on Twitter @themomista

ICYMI, a brand new superheroes-themed exhibit opened at The Children's Museum on June 16 to like ALL the fanfare. And by all the fanfare, I mean copious amounts of screaming from my kids every time we drive under the colorful banner announcing such affixed to the Children's Museum skywalk. {Is it just me or is it a little like Christmas whenever a new exhibit banner is stretched across Illinois Street?! Between that and the ever-changing dinosaur hats I'm like YES, THE SEASON IS COMING!}

Back to business though, superheroes have arrived to the 2nd floor of the museum and the more we walk through the exhibit, the more we realize just how much superheroes and sports legends share the same skills:

Both require a lot of training.

One of my son's greatest lessons as he's grown in his soccer + basketball careers is just that: You have to train. Training requires time, patience, and dedication. Some people are born to be athletes {or enter a life of cape-wearing, crime-fighting}. Beyond sheer talent though, the Lebron James' of the world train 60-90 hours a week. Hunter and I recently read this article from Complex detailing select NBA player workouts--and I couldn't help but notice his shoot-arounds on the Bobenmoyer home court hoop have picked up a bit. Thank goodness Emerson isn't adverse to playing defense either and uses the Indiana Pacers and Fever Basketball Experience low hoop to brush up on her own skills.

Both require major hustle.

Speed is a superhero's skill, yes? And there are few athletes whose sport is best when slowed {golf maybe?}. So the hustle is alive with both, especially when multi-tasking their days. The kids and I laughed as we entered The Children's Museum the other day to check out the new exhibit - we had a swim date planned immediately after, and dinner with friends following that. "TODAY IS BUSY MOM!" shouted Emerson over the sound of the bustling Museum lobby. Yeah babe, but when you're a superhero you have to multi-task between being a good-looking billionaire and saving the city. Just like athletes have spokesperson deals, their own brands to run and some of them are still completing college courses. We aren't always a go-go-go family but I think learning to multi-task and hustle through are life skills. The Riley Children's Health Sports Legends Experience® Summer hours really help with this multi-tasking. Now-Sept. 3, visitors can enjoy the sports experience all day until 8 p.m.!  

Both require teamwork. 

Key, key word here: TEAMWORK. I know there are the superheroes who work it alone, and star athletes whose team seemingly would fall apart without them. But in superhero world there's always a trusty sidekick, helpful butler or starlet. Just as in sports there's inevitably a coach, band of teammates, or supporting parents. And all of these characters play a great role. It was a lesson Hunter's 4th grade basketball team learned hard this year - that a team of all 'star' athletes couldn't be ball hogs or expect to hit the daily sports reel. There's a cohesion and art to working together, where ego drops to the bottom and working as a full unit is key. It's why things like the Sports Legends Experience "Varsity Team" Family Trip Itineraries are so fun to explore because it requires the entire family work together to cross off to-dos. 

So while you might not see Christian Bale in a racing helmet or Rafael Nadal toss on a cape anytime soon, superheroes + sports legends = all the similarities.

All right friends, that's a wrap! I've loved this season of blogging for The Children's Museum and hope you've enjoyed following our adventures. Stay connected on social media, send me all the Ryan Gosling memes you've got + get out there to enjoy the Sports Legends Experience with YOUR family. Xoxo, Jeanine  

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